Top Affirmations

So lately I’ve been more into affirmations and trying to manifest. I want to put it out there I don’t believe in a higher power but I do think if you have a better mindset better things happen. I’m planning now and then to share some of my favorite affirmations with you guys!

If you don’t know what affirmations are, they’re like quotes you say to yourself, out loud usually so you’re able to manifest the thoughts into your life. I do believe if you think a certain way you can change your life and make it better and more positive. I don’t believe every manifestation works or can happen. Just having more
positive things to say about yourself to yourself has helped me in trying to stay positive in my life right now when things aren’t too positive.

How I manifest and find my affirmations: I have a few apps that I try to remember to open daily and read affirmations. I’ll also see them on Twitter, or look them up myself online. I say them out loud 3 times. 3 is just like my number in life, don’t know why. Like everything I do is only in a pattern of 3. Of course, you don’t have to it like this, this is just what I do. And not all of these are going to relate to everybody but they do relate to me.

But here are 10 of my current favorites!

1. My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

2. Every single day something good happens to me.

3. I forgive myself for all I have done and set myself free.

4.I see the good in every situation.

5. I trust in my own ability to provide for myself. I have all the qualities it takes to be successful.

6. My successes or failures do not define me. They grow me.

7. I alone judge myself and set my own standards.

8. I am generous and giving because I am blessed.

9. My relationship is becoming stronger, deeper and more stable each day.

10. I acknowledge my self worth; my confidence is soaring.

Thanks for spending the time to manifest and read each one with me! I hope everyone has an amazing day 💕

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Not Posting For a Few Weeks

So starting today, November 11th I am taking a break from blogging and possibly some of my social media. Today I start school again! But I also work retail (which is horrible) and my hours are getting super long because of the holidays. I am working 9-11 hour days and then coming home to do school work, clean, etc. Off subject but I am currently looking for different work because I am burning out hard and I have do not see a future with the company I am currently in.

Also something I do not talk about to much on my blog is my relationship. But I am with somebody and they do leave for a 6 month deployment on December 16th. So I am going to try to spend as much time with them as possible before they leave.

After that it is Christmas. Not to sure if my parents are coming to see me in Nebraska or if I am going to see them in Colorado but I will be seeing them. And since moving to Nebraska I don’t get to spend to much time with them at all. I maybe get to see them twice a year.

Not that I even have to explain why I am taking a break or why there isn’t posts up for a month or two. But just incase I did want to share this with my followers.

Any way you still can follow me on my social medias because if I do post anything it will most likely be there!

My Legging Collection

I don’t have much of a collection but I love leggings. I don’t get to work in them and I do love jeans to so it’s kind of a small collection but I still decided I wanted to share what I could with you! I gained a good amount of weight during COVID, like most people so ignore the untoned body here.

My Casual Leggings

These are the ones I just wear for a quick trip to the store or whatever it may be.

Maurices super soft (I think that’s what they’re called) These are super soft, warm and great! I have a few pairs, they also come in a Capri length. $15
Alo Yoga Camo Leggings. Top is Nikibiki. I know these are meant for yoga and athletic but I just don’t like them for that. Soft, suck it all in and very trendy. $128

Active Leggings

These are the Old Navy Elevate Side Pocket leggings! These are great if you’re just getting into working out and dont want to spend a bunch of money on leggings.

Tek Gear Sports Bra from Kohl’s
$34 a piece so many different colors to pick from!

I also have the Old Navy basic Elevate Leggings in a few different colors.


Vuori has been a big name lately, and believe the hype because these are amazing!

Pace High Rise Legging $89 top is from Shein

Last I’m going to move onto my baby, Gymshark. These are my favorite! All of them are great, worth the money, the hype all of it. I’m more then likely going to order more from them.

This is the outfit for the gym that day. Gymskark Adapt Ombré Seamless Legging. Top is Nike, shoes are brooks. $60
Nonstop Legging (personal favorite) $55
Training Cropped Legging. Not there best work but still good.$25
Flex Legging. These are mid rise but come in high and low. Not as soft as there other ones but work amazing. $40

Those are the leggings I have! I still want to try Athleta would be my next ones. What’s your favorite legging brand and why?

I do get a discount on some of these because I get to work with the vendors, do not think you have to pay 128 for good leggings because you dont!

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How I handled a bad mental health day

The other day I had some bad anxiety attacks. I haven’t been sleeping more then 2-4 hours a night. Another sleepless night hit, my attacks were bad and then all of sudden it was 4 in the morning. I wanted to get up at 6 for the gym, which I knew was a no go. I changed my alarm for 7 to go to work. I fell asleep, woke up at 6:20 again and new I couldn’t handle a day of angry costumers, stress of shipments and everything else.

I called into work. Luckily I have an understanding job about calling in. Around 7:30 I went back to bed for around 2 more hours, so I could sleep for a little. Here’s where the self care came in. I washed my face, brushed my teeth but ok some comfy clothes and drove to Dunkin. I got a medium latte and two donuts. Both for me because I can, and I wanted a sweet.

I came home,drank the coffee and made bacon and eggs. My favorite breakfast. I ate, I drank and I watched a bad Netflix documentary. I decided I had some energy for a small workout. I changed into workout clothes, just went to the gym in my apartment complex and just did a few easy workouts.

I came home, ate one of my donuts and then took a bath. Watched some YouTube and again just relaxed. I finished watching some tv and made a snack because I got hungry again.

I watched some American horror story while I spent to much time on my phone and started to get hungry for dinner. I got chick fil a and ate it like a champ. And then I did nothing for the rest of the night.

I felt better, not good but better. I know what it’s like to have a job that doesn’t let you call in. Or asks to many questions and makes you feel bad. But if you are going through anything please take a day to yourself or with your family if that’s what you like. I’m here by my self, and prefer to not have my family involved.

This post isn’t for anything. Maybe just for myself. Stay happy, stay healthy. Get help if you can.

Colourpop That’s Taupe Collection

If you know anything about colourpop they drop new collections like every week. I usually don’t fall into the hype around them. I love their products but I have so much makeup it’s not worth it to me.

But for years I’ve just been wanting a staple cool tones eyeshadow palette! And when I saw them post this one I knew it was my time. I didn’t buy the whole collection, just the eye bundle and a l liner. But I thought I’d share my first impressions!

First things first let’s talk about the eyeshadow palette it’s self! I think it’s pretty, I like the packaging and the snake skin. It doesn’t have a mirror which sucks but it’s an affordable palette. If you love colourpop though, you have probably seen or own the Going Coconuts palette. I have it, and yes they’re similar so here they are side by side.

My Coconut one fell apart so some of the shadow aren’t where they are supposed to be, but it is what it is ya know. I loveeee my Going Coconut shadows, it’s probably one of my top favorites that I own in general. I think the Taupe one is just as pretty. Here are my swatches of it.

The shadows seem nice, maybe a little dusty on a few but I’ll use it through out the next few days and keep you updated on my Instagram!

Now do you need both Coconuts and Taupe? No. Here’s some of the colors I thought were similar swatched next to each other. The top swatches are Coconut bottom is Taupe.

You could get very similar looks from the two, so you don’t need both. I don’t need both but here I am! So just do what you want to do.

Let’s move into the the super shock shadows.

One of mine came broken. I already emailed Colourpop so I’m not going to swatch them. It also doesn’t have a label on it, which is a little fishy.But they look pretty!

They had a few different lip products with this collection I think but I just got one lip liner. It’s been a few years since I’ve tried a liner from them to, and with the mask life right now I don’t think I’ll try it soon but it looks great and felt great!

But that’s That’s Taupe! If you got anything from the collection let me know. Have you ordered anything recently from Colourpop that was broken? I hope you enjoyed the read.

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Hair Care Update

Part two of three! I don’t know how part 3 will be or when or if it will happen. But here an update on my hair! Starting I would say in June I started to let my hair do its own thing. I only put heat on it once or twice a month.


Since I started my “curly journey” these are the products I’m currently testing and using. First I shampoo it of course.

I know there’s a lot so let me talk about it. The sage shampoo is used for my dandruff. Usually, it’s more just a winter season thing where my scalp gets so dry that I need it. In the winter I use this almost every time I wash my hair, in the summer when it’s humid not so much. The blonde moment shampoo I use to just touch up the blonde in my hair once a week. The Sunday shampoo I use twice a month to deep clean my scalp and hair and get any gunk out of it. And the curl talk is new but I use it almost every time I wash as well to see if it will help my curls. So far I would say it does too!

After a good wash, which I only do three times a week I condition.

The curl talk I use every time I wash and the macadamia I use about once a week. I use it in place of a regular conditioner not with it.

Then I move onto products. Depending if I keep it wavy or I straighten it will depend on what products I use.

The leave in spray from Macadmia I use either way it’s usually the first thing I do after towel or t shirt drying. The other two are curly hair products! First I put in the curl cream and scrunch it. Then I just air dry. The sea salt spray I don’t use that often because it can be very drying. If my hair ever needs a wave pick me up I’ll spray this in and just give it an update.

Then if I do decide to straighten it I put in the heat protector and just straighten it. Then I add a little hair oil to it to make it shiny and the ends do not look fried.
This is my hair care! I didn’t think I did that much until I started this post! With this curl journey, things are going to change a lot but right now this is what I’m working with! Thanks so much for reading.

Also quick little thing! I forgot to talk about my body care in skin care post my so I’m going to post a quick picture of it here. I switch it up all the time but this is what I’m currently using.

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Skin Care Update

So I want to do a little three-part series where I show you how I spend my evenings after I get home, from work. But before I post that one I want to do my skin and hair care. I figured I’d start with skin! A little update on my skin I used to have pretty bad acne. I cleared it myself and since then I’ve had pretty good skin. Wearing a mask kills my chin area but there’s nothing I can do about that. On the mask note though I wear mine at work for 8-10 hours a day, and I just started last week changing it halfway through and that has helped! So if you have maskne recommend changing your mask throughout the day and wearing a new one every day! I just get the washable ones so no waste here ☺️

Here’s when my skin was at its worst as an adult and when I cleared it. About a year ago.
Here’s my skin now maskne and all.

Now that we have that covered let’s get into the products! I’m going to start with my night routine because that’s the one with more steps.

Step one I remove my makeup. I wash it off with a cleanser unless I’m lazy I use a wipe. I know how bad wipes are so please don’t come for me.

Next I wash my face with an acne cleanser. This helps with the maskne and just in general keeping my skin clear.

Once a week I exfoliate and put on a retional treatment. I know this is bad to I just don’t understand chemical exfoliaters yet.

Last step is I moisturize and add my eye cream!

And then in the mornings I just wash and moisturize. I use the same moisturizer and just a gentle face wash.

And that’s my whole skin care! Easy to the point it works for me. I’m not looking for any new products but if you have any help with a better exfoliater I’ll take that! I also tried a new way to take pictures. I don’t love it but we’ll see how it goes these next few posts.

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September Empties and Project Pan

Hi everyone! Happy October. I hope everyone is experiencing fall weather because where I am right now it is just so beautiful. But to end the September and head into October I thought I would update you on my project pan and some empties. I have a change of pace this month so read until the end to find that out!

I did not hit pan on anything again, and honestly, I don’t know-how. But it is what it is! Heres the pallet update.

No pans there which are crazy because I used it every day. Anyway though here are my empties this month! Not too many.

Starting this month instead of panning anything specific, I am just going to use my items I want to get rid of at the end of this year. That post won’t be up until January but any updates will be posted on my Instagram- Justjess.96. I already tried to pan all of them at least once so I am just going to group them all and call it a year! Crazy to think 2020 is almost over.

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Fall Decor Around My Apartment

So I’m not to big into decor mainly because I suck at it. But I went out today to grab some small things. I’ll let you know where I got them if you’re interested at all!

I got these both at target! The pumpkin one was 10 dollars and the orange one was 15 I think. I’m gonna wash them first so they’re still all bundled up. I don’t know how much the sign was but I think 15.

I got all of this at Hobby Lobby all for around 20-25 dollars. I already had the vase it’s from Target.

So I got all of this at Walmart! I went there for a whole different blog post but I couldn’t find what I needed. The vase was empty so I filled it with smaller decor. They were all about a dollar. The center piece was I think 13. And there’s also small fall ornaments for 2 bucks.

And of course a candle holder from Bath and Body Works! But that’s all I have. If you have a decor post I want some inspiration.

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My experience with Talkspace Online Therapy

So in July, I started Talkspace. I’ve been having probably some of the worst anxiety in my life, and I don’t have the time to go to regular therapy. So after some research on a few different apps, I went with Talkspace. It was about 260 dollars a month, for me that’s a little more than I wanted to spend. During this time I did not know that they took insurance so that parts on me. I had it for 2 months, which is over 500 dollars.

So I made an account, took all the assessments, or whatever they call them. They matched me with 3 therapists and I got to pick my own. I picked one lady and started my therapy. It was horrible and I got no help. It was not a good match for me. It seemed very automated, almost like I googled a symptom and they gave me the most simple response. I wish I took screenshots but I didn’t.

One thing I remember talking about was I have trouble falling asleep. I’ve pretty much always had this problem since I was a kid. But it’s been super bad lately. As we talked through this problem all she told me was to not use my phone before bed, which yes I know but I’m guilty of. And not to drink caffeine through the day which I don’t.

I have trouble calming myself down during attacks. And when we talked about this she offered things I’ve already tried. And she said I need to keep trying, but if I know something doesn’t work, I would like different options.

At this point, I switched the therapist. I went through another assessment and picked a new therapist. This one did go a lot better in the beginning. She has helpful tricks and seemed to listen and want to help.

I know that therapists see multiple people at once, and Talkspace gives you the option to video chat with your therapist. I never took advantage of this. But I found out the therapist just gets told someone is trying, not who. Which to me seems weird, like I would want them to be more prepared to talk to me not just anyone. But I could be wrong on how this works.

After a few weeks of talking with this therapist, the responses became very automatic again. Just weird answers and not helpful to me. At this point, I didn’t want to spend another 260 so I did cancel my membership.

If Talkspace has worked for you I’m so happy! Reaching out and getting that help is a huge step and if it helped that’s even better. It just wasn’t for me.

I’m debating on trying a different app, but I think online therapy may not be for me.

If you have used any online therapy leave them down in the comments! If you have a post about it I would love love love to read them and get more information. ❤️

Thanks for reading!