Top Affirmations

So lately I’ve been more into affirmations and trying to manifest. I want to put it out there I don’t believe in a higher power but I do think if you have a better mindset better things happen. I’m planning now and then to share some of my favorite affirmations with you guys!

If you don’t know what affirmations are, they’re like quotes you say to yourself, out loud usually so you’re able to manifest the thoughts into your life. I do believe if you think a certain way you can change your life and make it better and more positive. I don’t believe every manifestation works or can happen. Just having more
positive things to say about yourself to yourself has helped me in trying to stay positive in my life right now when things aren’t too positive.

How I manifest and find my affirmations: I have a few apps that I try to remember to open daily and read affirmations. I’ll also see them on Twitter, or look them up myself online. I say them out loud 3 times. 3 is just like my number in life, don’t know why. Like everything I do is only in a pattern of 3. Of course, you don’t have to it like this, this is just what I do. And not all of these are going to relate to everybody but they do relate to me.

But here are 10 of my current favorites!

1. My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away.

2. Every single day something good happens to me.

3. I forgive myself for all I have done and set myself free.

4.I see the good in every situation.

5. I trust in my own ability to provide for myself. I have all the qualities it takes to be successful.

6. My successes or failures do not define me. They grow me.

7. I alone judge myself and set my own standards.

8. I am generous and giving because I am blessed.

9. My relationship is becoming stronger, deeper and more stable each day.

10. I acknowledge my self worth; my confidence is soaring.

Thanks for spending the time to manifest and read each one with me! I hope everyone has an amazing day 💕

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