Colourpop That’s Taupe Collection

If you know anything about colourpop they drop new collections like every week. I usually don’t fall into the hype around them. I love their products but I have so much makeup it’s not worth it to me.

But for years I’ve just been wanting a staple cool tones eyeshadow palette! And when I saw them post this one I knew it was my time. I didn’t buy the whole collection, just the eye bundle and a l liner. But I thought I’d share my first impressions!

First things first let’s talk about the eyeshadow palette it’s self! I think it’s pretty, I like the packaging and the snake skin. It doesn’t have a mirror which sucks but it’s an affordable palette. If you love colourpop though, you have probably seen or own the Going Coconuts palette. I have it, and yes they’re similar so here they are side by side.

My Coconut one fell apart so some of the shadow aren’t where they are supposed to be, but it is what it is ya know. I loveeee my Going Coconut shadows, it’s probably one of my top favorites that I own in general. I think the Taupe one is just as pretty. Here are my swatches of it.

The shadows seem nice, maybe a little dusty on a few but I’ll use it through out the next few days and keep you updated on my Instagram!

Now do you need both Coconuts and Taupe? No. Here’s some of the colors I thought were similar swatched next to each other. The top swatches are Coconut bottom is Taupe.

You could get very similar looks from the two, so you don’t need both. I don’t need both but here I am! So just do what you want to do.

Let’s move into the the super shock shadows.

One of mine came broken. I already emailed Colourpop so I’m not going to swatch them. It also doesn’t have a label on it, which is a little fishy.But they look pretty!

They had a few different lip products with this collection I think but I just got one lip liner. It’s been a few years since I’ve tried a liner from them to, and with the mask life right now I don’t think I’ll try it soon but it looks great and felt great!

But that’s That’s Taupe! If you got anything from the collection let me know. Have you ordered anything recently from Colourpop that was broken? I hope you enjoyed the read.

Stay updated with me on socials and have an amazing weekend ❤️


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