How I handled a bad mental health day

The other day I had some bad anxiety attacks. I haven’t been sleeping more then 2-4 hours a night. Another sleepless night hit, my attacks were bad and then all of sudden it was 4 in the morning. I wanted to get up at 6 for the gym, which I knew was a no go. I changed my alarm for 7 to go to work. I fell asleep, woke up at 6:20 again and new I couldn’t handle a day of angry costumers, stress of shipments and everything else.

I called into work. Luckily I have an understanding job about calling in. Around 7:30 I went back to bed for around 2 more hours, so I could sleep for a little. Here’s where the self care came in. I washed my face, brushed my teeth but ok some comfy clothes and drove to Dunkin. I got a medium latte and two donuts. Both for me because I can, and I wanted a sweet.

I came home,drank the coffee and made bacon and eggs. My favorite breakfast. I ate, I drank and I watched a bad Netflix documentary. I decided I had some energy for a small workout. I changed into workout clothes, just went to the gym in my apartment complex and just did a few easy workouts.

I came home, ate one of my donuts and then took a bath. Watched some YouTube and again just relaxed. I finished watching some tv and made a snack because I got hungry again.

I watched some American horror story while I spent to much time on my phone and started to get hungry for dinner. I got chick fil a and ate it like a champ. And then I did nothing for the rest of the night.

I felt better, not good but better. I know what it’s like to have a job that doesn’t let you call in. Or asks to many questions and makes you feel bad. But if you are going through anything please take a day to yourself or with your family if that’s what you like. I’m here by my self, and prefer to not have my family involved.

This post isn’t for anything. Maybe just for myself. Stay happy, stay healthy. Get help if you can.

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