Not Posting For a Few Weeks

So starting today, November 11th I am taking a break from blogging and possibly some of my social media. Today I start school again! But I also work retail (which is horrible) and my hours are getting super long because of the holidays. I am working 9-11 hour days and then coming home to do school work, clean, etc. Off subject but I am currently looking for different work because I am burning out hard and I have do not see a future with the company I am currently in.

Also something I do not talk about to much on my blog is my relationship. But I am with somebody and they do leave for a 6 month deployment on December 16th. So I am going to try to spend as much time with them as possible before they leave.

After that it is Christmas. Not to sure if my parents are coming to see me in Nebraska or if I am going to see them in Colorado but I will be seeing them. And since moving to Nebraska I don’t get to spend to much time with them at all. I maybe get to see them twice a year.

Not that I even have to explain why I am taking a break or why there isn’t posts up for a month or two. But just incase I did want to share this with my followers.

Any way you still can follow me on my social medias because if I do post anything it will most likely be there!

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