Skin Care Update

So I want to do a little three-part series where I show you how I spend my evenings after I get home, from work. But before I post that one I want to do my skin and hair care. I figured I’d start with skin! A little update on my skin I used to have pretty bad acne. I cleared it myself and since then I’ve had pretty good skin. Wearing a mask kills my chin area but there’s nothing I can do about that. On the mask note though I wear mine at work for 8-10 hours a day, and I just started last week changing it halfway through and that has helped! So if you have maskne recommend changing your mask throughout the day and wearing a new one every day! I just get the washable ones so no waste here ☺️

Here’s when my skin was at its worst as an adult and when I cleared it. About a year ago.
Here’s my skin now maskne and all.

Now that we have that covered let’s get into the products! I’m going to start with my night routine because that’s the one with more steps.

Step one I remove my makeup. I wash it off with a cleanser unless I’m lazy I use a wipe. I know how bad wipes are so please don’t come for me.

Next I wash my face with an acne cleanser. This helps with the maskne and just in general keeping my skin clear.

Once a week I exfoliate and put on a retional treatment. I know this is bad to I just don’t understand chemical exfoliaters yet.

Last step is I moisturize and add my eye cream!

And then in the mornings I just wash and moisturize. I use the same moisturizer and just a gentle face wash.

And that’s my whole skin care! Easy to the point it works for me. I’m not looking for any new products but if you have any help with a better exfoliater I’ll take that! I also tried a new way to take pictures. I don’t love it but we’ll see how it goes these next few posts.

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September Empties and Project Pan

Hi everyone! Happy October. I hope everyone is experiencing fall weather because where I am right now it is just so beautiful. But to end the September and head into October I thought I would update you on my project pan and some empties. I have a change of pace this month so read until the end to find that out!

I did not hit pan on anything again, and honestly, I don’t know-how. But it is what it is! Heres the pallet update.

No pans there which are crazy because I used it every day. Anyway though here are my empties this month! Not too many.

Starting this month instead of panning anything specific, I am just going to use my items I want to get rid of at the end of this year. That post won’t be up until January but any updates will be posted on my Instagram- Justjess.96. I already tried to pan all of them at least once so I am just going to group them all and call it a year! Crazy to think 2020 is almost over.

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Fall Decor Around My Apartment

So I’m not to big into decor mainly because I suck at it. But I went out today to grab some small things. I’ll let you know where I got them if you’re interested at all!

I got these both at target! The pumpkin one was 10 dollars and the orange one was 15 I think. I’m gonna wash them first so they’re still all bundled up. I don’t know how much the sign was but I think 15.

I got all of this at Hobby Lobby all for around 20-25 dollars. I already had the vase it’s from Target.

So I got all of this at Walmart! I went there for a whole different blog post but I couldn’t find what I needed. The vase was empty so I filled it with smaller decor. They were all about a dollar. The center piece was I think 13. And there’s also small fall ornaments for 2 bucks.

And of course a candle holder from Bath and Body Works! But that’s all I have. If you have a decor post I want some inspiration.

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Empties and Panning August-September

I still want to continue to do panning updates! They will be a little different then last time. If you want to see the final project follow me on Instagram for those updates!

For the month of August here are the items that I emptied out!



Hair care

And for the month of September I am going to pan one item! Usually I do two but I’m out of old items so for now just one. Once October comes I’ll think how I’m gonna go about doing all this. But I am going to pan Colourpop Kathleenlights Dream St

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Makeup Collection. Part 1: Eye Products

I did this on my last blog in like 2018 I think and I wanted to do it again! I’m gonna do it in 4 parts. Eyes, face, lips and how I store all my makeup. I’m super excited for these! They won’t be one right after, there will be other post in between. But anyway let’s get started!


Here are all my eyeshadows. I don’t own any singles or anything like that. I organized them into high end, and drugstore/affordable.

High end

Drugstore and affordable


Now I’m not big one eyeliner and I’m really not good at it either so I don’t have many and I rarely ever use them.



I added my eye primer into this picture because I just needed it somewhere. I always change up my mascaras , and I got that sampler from when I got my brows done at Ulta. So recommend me your favorite mascara! I’m more into length than volume but I’ll try anything . I also put my lashes in there. I’m bad at lashes as well ,but I do like to play with them from time to time.

Those are they eye products! Let me know what you think. I just love makeup, especially eyeshadow pallets.

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