A day in my life ( A day off)

I thought I would share what a day off looks like for me. Today was a Thursday, at my current job I get every Thursday off which is nice to have a week day off.

First thing is first I woke up around 9 am which is the best feeling ever. I get up I make a coffee and this is the coffee I use in my ninja. Other days I usually use my Kuerig. This is a yummy sweet coffee that I enjoy and I also enjoy it iced!

I then relax and watch YouTube for about 30-50 minutes. Love me some Kathleenlights and Rawbeautykristi! Then I get ready for the gym. For this I just brush my teeth and wash my face with water only. The reason for this is I was my face after the gym, and I don’t wanna strip my face 🤷🏻‍♀️ I make some reds and take my vitamins

Here’s my fit for the gym. I wear gym shark leggings a shein crop top and my under armour tennies

At the gym I did about a 30 minute leg day and these are the playlists I like for the gym!And if anyone cares here’s my workout

I come home I drink a protein shake and shower and wash my face 🙂

I am no means a health blog nor do I inspire to do. So for lunch I had Canes chicken and dinner I had a salad from Chipotle.

I try to do my best to count my calories but if I go over I do and try to eat something a little better the next day. I just like to do my best to balance.

I just ran so errands after this. I went to the grocery store and target. I got a cute shirt from target that I thought I’d share!

After errands I just hung out at home and watched some tv.

Share you’re most recent blog post I’m in the mood to read some new posts!

Thanks for taking the new blog journey with me!

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Starting Over

So I guys it’s been a while! And if you’re new to my blog welcome! If you followed me before you know that I had pretty much had makeup only blog. Well I deleted all of that I deleted and I am going to start over. I was going to delete my blog all together but I really do miss writing. So my new plan is just to do a blog on whatever I want. It’s going to be a lot of my everyday life so still makeup and fashion but also working out, daily routines and anything else I want to post about. So I hope you’re still willing to follow me along on this new journey and I want to thank everyone who supported me on my last blog as well!

Stay tuned for new posts! I still have the same Instagram and twitter so follow me there ☺️