My experience with Talkspace Online Therapy

So in July, I started Talkspace. I’ve been having probably some of the worst anxiety in my life, and I don’t have the time to go to regular therapy. So after some research on a few different apps, I went with Talkspace. It was about 260 dollars a month, for me that’s a little more than I wanted to spend. During this time I did not know that they took insurance so that parts on me. I had it for 2 months, which is over 500 dollars.

So I made an account, took all the assessments, or whatever they call them. They matched me with 3 therapists and I got to pick my own. I picked one lady and started my therapy. It was horrible and I got no help. It was not a good match for me. It seemed very automated, almost like I googled a symptom and they gave me the most simple response. I wish I took screenshots but I didn’t.

One thing I remember talking about was I have trouble falling asleep. I’ve pretty much always had this problem since I was a kid. But it’s been super bad lately. As we talked through this problem all she told me was to not use my phone before bed, which yes I know but I’m guilty of. And not to drink caffeine through the day which I don’t.

I have trouble calming myself down during attacks. And when we talked about this she offered things I’ve already tried. And she said I need to keep trying, but if I know something doesn’t work, I would like different options.

At this point, I switched the therapist. I went through another assessment and picked a new therapist. This one did go a lot better in the beginning. She has helpful tricks and seemed to listen and want to help.

I know that therapists see multiple people at once, and Talkspace gives you the option to video chat with your therapist. I never took advantage of this. But I found out the therapist just gets told someone is trying, not who. Which to me seems weird, like I would want them to be more prepared to talk to me not just anyone. But I could be wrong on how this works.

After a few weeks of talking with this therapist, the responses became very automatic again. Just weird answers and not helpful to me. At this point, I didn’t want to spend another 260 so I did cancel my membership.

If Talkspace has worked for you I’m so happy! Reaching out and getting that help is a huge step and if it helped that’s even better. It just wasn’t for me.

I’m debating on trying a different app, but I think online therapy may not be for me.

If you have used any online therapy leave them down in the comments! If you have a post about it I would love love love to read them and get more information. ❤️

Thanks for reading!