My Legging Collection

I don’t have much of a collection but I love leggings. I don’t get to work in them and I do love jeans to so it’s kind of a small collection but I still decided I wanted to share what I could with you! I gained a good amount of weight during COVID, like most people so ignore the untoned body here.

My Casual Leggings

These are the ones I just wear for a quick trip to the store or whatever it may be.

Maurices super soft (I think that’s what they’re called) These are super soft, warm and great! I have a few pairs, they also come in a Capri length. $15
Alo Yoga Camo Leggings. Top is Nikibiki. I know these are meant for yoga and athletic but I just don’t like them for that. Soft, suck it all in and very trendy. $128

Active Leggings

These are the Old Navy Elevate Side Pocket leggings! These are great if you’re just getting into working out and dont want to spend a bunch of money on leggings.

Tek Gear Sports Bra from Kohl’s
$34 a piece so many different colors to pick from!

I also have the Old Navy basic Elevate Leggings in a few different colors.


Vuori has been a big name lately, and believe the hype because these are amazing!

Pace High Rise Legging $89 top is from Shein

Last I’m going to move onto my baby, Gymshark. These are my favorite! All of them are great, worth the money, the hype all of it. I’m more then likely going to order more from them.

This is the outfit for the gym that day. Gymskark Adapt Ombré Seamless Legging. Top is Nike, shoes are brooks. $60
Nonstop Legging (personal favorite) $55
Training Cropped Legging. Not there best work but still good.$25
Flex Legging. These are mid rise but come in high and low. Not as soft as there other ones but work amazing. $40

Those are the leggings I have! I still want to try Athleta would be my next ones. What’s your favorite legging brand and why?

I do get a discount on some of these because I get to work with the vendors, do not think you have to pay 128 for good leggings because you dont!

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How I spent my 24th birthday 🎊

So my birthday was August 18th and obviously from the title I tuned 24! I took the day off of work to celebrate with my boyfriend. The night before I went out for drinks with some coworkers and about a week before that my parents drove up from my homework to come see us and spend sometime with me.

I’m a very homebody , casual person. I’m not into big parties are bars so we kept it pretty chill. My boyfriend works night so as Tuesday morning rolled around he was asleep and I got up around 9. I woke up enjoyed some coffee and then off to the gym.

For lunch I grabbed us some burgers from Freddys, the best fast food there is and we enjoyed that while watching some Netflix. I wasn’t feeling to well that morning so until about 2 pm we just laid around. Finally I got up to shower and get ready for the night!

I did my makeup which I’ll picture here.

Got dressed in a simple but to me really cute outfit. Wore some jewelry which I never do, so that was something.

My shirt is from boot barn, Levi skinny jeans, a tribal jackets and some old booties from when I worked over at Maurices.

We then went shopping and I picked up everything I’ve been wanting. It was my birthday so I thought why the heck not spend money I don’t have. And don’t worry we had our masks the whole time! I’m gonna insert my haul here. It’s missing one shirt and I can’t find it.

My boyfriend then took my just to The Cheesecake Factory. I got the Cajun Pasta which I don’t have pictured but here’s some fun pictures from dinner!We both for cake because why not, we ended up taking half of each home anyway. And today I didn’t count my calories. If you want to see how I do count each day just let me know!

We then walked around the container store because we were so full. I did get a few things , like some really cute reusable lunch baggies but everything is put away so no pictures.

We then went home, made some drinks and called it a night! Overall it was a good time.

How does everyone else celebrate their birthdays, if you even do anything?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post! Keep updated with everyone on my social media as well. I’m thinking of even using my Snapchat again if people still use it.