Hair Care Update

Part two of three! I don’t know how part 3 will be or when or if it will happen. But here an update on my hair! Starting I would say in June I started to let my hair do its own thing. I only put heat on it once or twice a month.


Since I started my “curly journey” these are the products I’m currently testing and using. First I shampoo it of course.

I know there’s a lot so let me talk about it. The sage shampoo is used for my dandruff. Usually, it’s more just a winter season thing where my scalp gets so dry that I need it. In the winter I use this almost every time I wash my hair, in the summer when it’s humid not so much. The blonde moment shampoo I use to just touch up the blonde in my hair once a week. The Sunday shampoo I use twice a month to deep clean my scalp and hair and get any gunk out of it. And the curl talk is new but I use it almost every time I wash as well to see if it will help my curls. So far I would say it does too!

After a good wash, which I only do three times a week I condition.

The curl talk I use every time I wash and the macadamia I use about once a week. I use it in place of a regular conditioner not with it.

Then I move onto products. Depending if I keep it wavy or I straighten it will depend on what products I use.

The leave in spray from Macadmia I use either way it’s usually the first thing I do after towel or t shirt drying. The other two are curly hair products! First I put in the curl cream and scrunch it. Then I just air dry. The sea salt spray I don’t use that often because it can be very drying. If my hair ever needs a wave pick me up I’ll spray this in and just give it an update.

Then if I do decide to straighten it I put in the heat protector and just straighten it. Then I add a little hair oil to it to make it shiny and the ends do not look fried.
This is my hair care! I didn’t think I did that much until I started this post! With this curl journey, things are going to change a lot but right now this is what I’m working with! Thanks so much for reading.

Also quick little thing! I forgot to talk about my body care in skin care post my so I’m going to post a quick picture of it here. I switch it up all the time but this is what I’m currently using.

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Empties and Panning August-September

I still want to continue to do panning updates! They will be a little different then last time. If you want to see the final project follow me on Instagram for those updates!

For the month of August here are the items that I emptied out!



Hair care

And for the month of September I am going to pan one item! Usually I do two but I’m out of old items so for now just one. Once October comes I’ll think how I’m gonna go about doing all this. But I am going to pan Colourpop Kathleenlights Dream St

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