September Empties and Project Pan

Hi everyone! Happy October. I hope everyone is experiencing fall weather because where I am right now it is just so beautiful. But to end the September and head into October I thought I would update you on my project pan and some empties. I have a change of pace this month so read until the end to find that out!

I did not hit pan on anything again, and honestly, I don’t know-how. But it is what it is! Heres the pallet update.

No pans there which are crazy because I used it every day. Anyway though here are my empties this month! Not too many.

Starting this month instead of panning anything specific, I am just going to use my items I want to get rid of at the end of this year. That post won’t be up until January but any updates will be posted on my Instagram- Justjess.96. I already tried to pan all of them at least once so I am just going to group them all and call it a year! Crazy to think 2020 is almost over.

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Empties and Panning August-September

I still want to continue to do panning updates! They will be a little different then last time. If you want to see the final project follow me on Instagram for those updates!

For the month of August here are the items that I emptied out!



Hair care

And for the month of September I am going to pan one item! Usually I do two but I’m out of old items so for now just one. Once October comes I’ll think how I’m gonna go about doing all this. But I am going to pan Colourpop Kathleenlights Dream St

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